Easar LLC. has matured from an International Project launched in 2015 at the Aerospace Institute of MAI (National Research University). Our Mission is to solve essential problems to ensure effective space activity and make efforts towards developing sustainable solutions for the betterment of day to day life on Earth.

Our company:

  • Conducts various R&D activities in space and energy sectors

  • Provides support and consulting in technology development on the Russian production base

  • Organizes Technical tours and Short-term educational programs for students of different levels of training (for school students, school graduates or aerospace engineering students)

  • Offers the opportunity to study Aerospace Engineering in one of the leading universities in Russia - MAI (National Research University)

Easar's contribution towards Sustainable Development

To contribute towards effecting solving of critical problems so as to ensure effective space activity and to make a contribution for the improvement of life on Earth.


We strive to be a proactive and flexible organization being able to offer novice and effective solutions for existing problems,  and helping to strengthen the partnership between the countries of the world.


Space research and development to strengthen friendly International relations, improve life on Earth and create a favorable environment for future generations.

Our Heritage


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