A Flagship Educational Program by Easar

Suitable for all category of Audiences

A One week City tour including 

- 2 days at Cosmonaut Training Centre

- 1 day at the world famous Space Museum

- Moscow Sight Seeing

Suitable for all Category of Audiences

Experience Zero Gravity and fly like a Super Hero ! 

- IL-76 MDK Aircraft

- Zero Gravity Training

- 450 seconds of weightlessness

Suitable for Aspiring Students & Young Industry Professionals.

- Short Training Programs

- Bachelor's & Master's degree Program

- Professional Training Courses

@ MAI (National Research University)

Suitable for all Category of Audiences

Witness the Launch of Rocket from the largest Rocket launching facility in the world

- Rocket Launch Observation

- Excursions to the launch facilities

- Press conference at Cosmonaut Hotel

Suitable for all Category of Audiences

Training at the world renowned Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (GCTC)

- Simulation in Aircraft & Spacecraft modules

- Centrifuge (TSF 7 & 18)

- Training inside MIR Space station

- Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory

Suitable for all Category of Audiences

A One week tour to Japan including 

- Visit to the world's most beautiful Space Launch facility

- 1 day training at the Japanese Space Center (JAXA)

- Sight Seeing

What is Space Awareness Program​ ?

With a vision of being the Global Leader in providing solutions for space exploration, Easar’s activities not only focuses on fundamental Research & Development but also on outreach programs such as Space Awareness Program [SAP] in order to promote the importance of space. SAP is considered as Easar's Flagship Program as it supports the idea of introducing & encouraging basic Space knowledge among Younger Generation thereby ensuring a Sustainable Development in the sector.

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